About Us

Radix is India-based IT offshoring company offering simplified technology services. A veteran in the field with a decade’s experience, we have been driven and guided by ‘left brain meets right brain’ thinkers and doers. Living by the rule of ‘survival of the simplest’ Radix shuns jargons in daily endeavors. Shrugging off all fuss about vision and mission, we simply roll up our sleeves and sit down to develop solutions that solve business problems and deliver value for our clients.

Radix offers an umbrella model of services that span across enterprise class applications, application development and maintenance services, system software development services, driver development services, mobile application development services, cloud-based solutions development, etc. Radix further tenders highly customizable business-ready solutions for printing, insurance, travel and hospitality, education, and real-estate industry domains. Radix is also a reliable business partner for offshore resource hiring. Our IT solutions are a graceful blend of innovative approach married with comprehensive backend support.

Ardent believer of ‘what goes out comes around’, Radix encourages dissemination of information and knowledge. We are committed to building a knowledge repository to power our information driven undertakings. Our zest, dedication, and stepping up to responsibility have transformed us from industry underdogs to industry benchmark setters.

We do not believe in thinking out of the box because we simply do not exist in a box – as simple as that!