Kites – New Mobile App From Radixweb

Radixweb has released a new mobile app Kites – Soaring High. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The application falls in the utilities category and is available at

Kites - Mobile Application
Kites - Mobile Application

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MatchMe Memory Game for Mobile

The app stores are buzzing with a new memory game called MatchMe, Radix’s latest mobile app release.

The gaming application was released by Radixweb on February 3, 2012 in English and Spanish languages and is available on

MatchMe Memory Game

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Tips for Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are the latest and the greatest fad of our times. They have single-handedly changed the way we do business. Enterprises are now looking to offer a whole new world of exciting things to their customers through mobile applications. Whether it’s gaming, travel info, business utility, or online shopping experience, mobile apps seem to be cut out for almost everything. They have given rise to new business models and opened up previously inaccessible revenue channels.

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Mobile ECM

Mobile ECM solution

When it comes to enterprise systems, the one common thread running through all of them is their intent to improve enterprise decision making. All of them support disparate processes and cycles. But at the end of the day the bottom line is to improve the quality and time of decision making. The same is true in case of enterprise content management system popularly known as ECM.

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Augmented Reality – The Journey So Far

A few months back a colleague handed me a report published by Juniper Research on mobile augmented reality (AR). The report predicted mobile based AR apps to witness 1.4 billion downloads by 2015 – a business worth $1.5 billion approximately.

I dropped my jaw and gawked at Juniper’s report. My reaction had nothing to do with the figures contained in there. I have never doubted AR’s potential all this while. In fact, somehow I have always known that one day AR was going to be big – probably too big to handle. Rather it was a surreal feeling for me. I was like ‘yay I was right about AR.’

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