Social Analytics

Not long ago, Christopher Nolan’s cult movie, Inception, received overwhelming viewership and critical acclaims globally. In the film, the protagonist conditions human mind to incite it and draw out a particular behavior. Inception’s success reflects our fixation with the human mind.

For years now, we have been obsessed with the idea of predicting human behavior. We have developed several disciplines that undertake microscopic analysis of human behavior. And now, we have gone a step further with the social analytic solutions.

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Resurrection of IT

Heraclitus, the famous Greek philosopher, professed the doctrine that change is central to universe. His famous statement ‘nothing endures but change’ has witnessed many translations – the most popular being ‘change is the only constant’. The words of this wise man still hold true in contemporary times.

The modern-day business landscape portrays IT as the most dynamic component. Well this portrayal is true to a large extent.

For most enterprises their IT infrastructure depends on two critical factors:

(1) The technology available

(2) The business concepts applied

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Offshore Outsourcing in India

The focal point of the IT market is maximum utilization of time and resources nowadays therefore, integrity, excellent communication network is established and synchronization between activities is maintained in various growth sectors of the Offshore software outsourcing companies. Better management of enterprise resources is the key point for these companies to grow faster. If you look into the IT market in India you will find the main focus on cost-effective solution. Here. Again a question arises about the quality of the solution whether you will find technically fit desired solution at reduced cost or not.

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Advantage of Outsourcing Software Development Services to India

Outsourcing is a subcontracting process to get higher benefits in hassle free manner. In the field of Software Development Outsourcing services, India has moved forward as a remarkable software development market place since the inception of software boom world wide.

Many benefits of outsourcing software development services to India

It is very much important to know that there are many benefits of outsourcing software development services to India as it has been unaware by the most of the clients world wide. India is a true software business hub for outsourcing services particularly of its sophisticated software technology in lower rate.

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Strategy Planning for Outsourcing

Out of many questions one big question clings in the mind, what may be the right approach for the outsourcing providers in this global rescission? Is it cost-cutting approach or growth focus? I mean to say whether these companies should concentrate more on cost-effective benefits to their business partners or they have to keep developing their growth focus? Again some more questions arise for them who depend on offshore outsourcing, like, how do you find the best outsourcing provider company? What the fundamental fact will you look for outsourcing your grand project?

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