Enterprise Application Development @ Radix using MVC Architecture

Today, we come across so many new technologies and their advanced versions. All of them offer something much powerful that smoothen our daily processes. Gradually, IT services and products become an integral part of business. Every small to large sized organization requires various IT developments to satisfy their business needs. It can be a simple static website to large scale enterprise system that contains lots of high end components.

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nopCommerce – A Powerful Platform for eCommerce Businesses

Due to lack of time, instead of visiting the mall I prefer online shopping. Last week, I wanted to purchase a smartphone. As per my regular practice, simply surfed some websites, selected the smartphone of my choice, and moved for payment. Oops! Payment was not done. I tried twice or trice. Finally, I was sick of it and switched to another website and purchased the smartphone.

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Social IT Management

“Social IT Management” – the term literally means IT going social. Gartner defines social IT management as “the ability to leverage social media technologies and best practices to foster the support of end users, capture collaboration among IT staff members and collaborate with the business, promoting the value of IT organization.” In plain simple terms it is a social network by IT people for IT people.

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Emerging Technologies in RIAs

Herbert Hoover said, “Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.”

How true is that! Competition has given customers the weapon of choice. At the same time, it has driven enterprises to explore newer and more exciting technologies. A definite sign of progress we would say!

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Business Process Management or BPM – the name says it all. But to make one futile attempt we would say it’s the discipline of managing disparate business processes across the enterprise. It’s the tough job of juggling the different processes, taking a holistic look at them, and streamlining them.

Why BPM? It’s simple – for boosting the efficiency, productivity, adaptability, and agility of the enterprise process. With good BPM in place, enterprises can have the luxury of modifying certain business processes without really changing the fundamental business rules. This way they can better react to market changes and grab greater opportunities.

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