IT Governance

Emergence of IT

IT has come a long way and has outgrown itself from being just a facilitator of business. It is no more a mere data processing, automating and supporting activity for an enterprise. It has evolved into a business enabler.

Today, IT commands a strategic position in every enterprise, driving business value. IT has become a critical success factor integrated in an organization’s processes. It is capable of enabling new business models. So enormous has this business-IT integration become, that it has traversed human comprehension. This makes it all the more vital to govern IT.

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GoGo Enterprise

‘Go Go Gadget…’, rings a bell? This was a very popular line during the mid 80s from the animated series ‘Inspector Gadget’. Every one of us, who grew up during those times watching the lovable klutz naively bumbling his way through, wondered about “whatnot” that came out of the guy. It was an innovation of a kind, fully packed with command lines that started with “Go Go” and whatever happened, happened on the lines that followed. It was fun, goofy and highly imaginative. This in a way exorbitantly stretched the feasibility of what computers could achieve.

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