Data Warehousing

A few years back, the industry thought leaders had put their heads together to deliberate on data generation and storage. But now, they talk about how to manage the collected data efficiently so as to make sense out of it.

It goes undisputed to say that data warehouses and data analytics have witnessed burgeoning growth within a short span of time. This growth has transformed us from an information craving generation to information overloaded populace.

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GoGo Enterprise

‘Go Go Gadget…’, rings a bell? This was a very popular line during the mid 80s from the animated series ‘Inspector Gadget’. Every one of us, who grew up during those times watching the lovable klutz naively bumbling his way through, wondered about “whatnot” that came out of the guy. It was an innovation of a kind, fully packed with command lines that started with “Go Go” and whatever happened, happened on the lines that followed. It was fun, goofy and highly imaginative. This in a way exorbitantly stretched the feasibility of what computers could achieve.

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