Traditional CRM & Social Media – An Interesting Wedlock

Social CRM solutions

Remember the early days when the concept of customer relationship management (CRM) systems had emerged? There was a mad rush in the market and almost everybody wanted to try out this newly discovered abstract. But as the dust settled on CRM, we realized that CRM systems were not just about anybody’s cup of tea.

This realization brought about a phase where CRM systems became entitlements of enterprises that had deep pockets. These enterprises had big budgets, talent pool, and IT resources available at hand to successfully deploy CRM systems. It was a time when CRM systems made silent inroads into enterprise IT architecture. And now after a quiet and peaceful existence for some time, CRM systems are back in the limelight.

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CRM – Is It Dollars Down the Drain?

“Back to basics” is the prophecy that market pundits are dispensing these days. Enterprises are fighting tooth and nail to come up with new strategies to success. But is it really that difficult? I don’t think so. All we need to do is stop in our tracks and listen to what our customers have to say.

Our modern-day business dealings are fraught with complexities of different information collecting systems and data analytics. In such a milieu we have ignored the most important aspect of our business – customer opinion. Our customers are talking and we need to pay attention.

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GoGo Enterprise

‘Go Go Gadget…’, rings a bell? This was a very popular line during the mid 80s from the animated series ‘Inspector Gadget’. Every one of us, who grew up during those times watching the lovable klutz naively bumbling his way through, wondered about “whatnot” that came out of the guy. It was an innovation of a kind, fully packed with command lines that started with “Go Go” and whatever happened, happened on the lines that followed. It was fun, goofy and highly imaginative. This in a way exorbitantly stretched the feasibility of what computers could achieve.

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