MatchMe Memory Game for Mobile

The app stores are buzzing with a new memory game called MatchMe, Radix’s latest mobile app release.

The gaming application was released by Radixweb on February 3, 2012 in English and Spanish languages and is available on

MatchMe Memory Game

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Tips for Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are the latest and the greatest fad of our times. They have single-handedly changed the way we do business. Enterprises are now looking to offer a whole new world of exciting things to their customers through mobile applications. Whether it’s gaming, travel info, business utility, or online shopping experience, mobile apps seem to be cut out for almost everything. They have given rise to new business models and opened up previously inaccessible revenue channels.

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Database Security in Cloud Environment

Cloud computing has the market divided into two groups. There are the proponents of cloud and then there are the opponents of cloud. The cloud proponents have always sung praises about cloud’s scalability, ease of deployment, and reduced cost of IT ownership. But the opponents have always cautioned against security issues of cloud. And with Amazon’s not-so-distant cloud outage, concerns over cloud’s dependability and security have once again reared their head.

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XII Commandments for Successful Outsourcing

12 commandments for Successful Outsourcing

Outsourcing is more than just a fad now. It’s a strategic decision made by enterprises to realize business goals. During the initial days, outsourcing found its high in the obvious cost savings it delivered. But apparently this cost cutting turned out to be the nemesis of enterprises as they were left high and dry by their cheap service providers with no business results on hand. And the market realized that outsourcing was more than just cost containment. Today, outsourcing is powered by a new philosophy that stresses on quality, reliability, and dependability in addition to cost reduction.

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Product Development – Innovate or Fabricate?

Product Development - Innovate or Fabricate

In the past, I have contributed on topics like innovation management and open innovation. I have always been a big fan of innovation. But then recently I stumbled upon the term “fabrication”. I was talking to this friend of mine who works in the R&D department of an IT company. We were debating about product lines and how to expand or diversify them. As the debate heated up, he very passionately announced, “I would rather innovate than fabricate!”

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