Radixweb Becomes Kentico & Sitefinity Partner

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Radixweb, India’s premiere IT technology services provider, has won the highly acclaimed Kentico and Sitefinity Partner status. These partner recognitions place Radix in an elite network of more than 1200 partners across the globe.

Kentico is an enterprise content management system widely used to develop self-sustaining e-commerce solutions. This ASP.Net based CMS offers a wide set of features to develop websites, intranets, online communities, and online business portals. Applications developed using Kentico CMS can be mobile compatible and support online marketing tools, multiple languages, multisite management, and user friendly interface.

Sitefinity is an ASP.Net based CMS developed by Telerik. This web-based CMS caters to end users as well as developers. It renders a memorable and exciting experience to end users and provides a flexible architecture to developers to extend functionalities and customize them.

So then what do these partnerships mean for Radixweb? Firstly, we become a recognized member of a global community consisting of more than 200 Sitefinity partners and 1200+ Kentico partners. Radix has already been working with Telerik controls for more than 3 years. So the Sitefinity Partner status further certifies their expertise. These partnerships certify superior quality of development, integration, and consultation services. Radix further gets priority access to upgrades in both Sitefinity and Kentico and third party components for integrations. We get better marketing opportunities, promotional exposure, and can access to a better knowledge base. We have whitepapers and case studies readily accessible. We also gain access to several product licenses and upgrade releases which helps us add value to the applications that we develop.

Furthermore, our development efforts are guided by none other than the technical experts of Kentico and Sitefinity. We receive guidance and technical assistance from Kentico’s technical team and partner network. Whereas for Sitefinity, our development efforts are supported by Telerik’s very own technical heads. As a result, we offer rapid development and deployment of applications at reduced cost. Our development efforts become cost effective and compatible with global development standards.

In addition to Sitefinity and Kentico Partner, Radix is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We specialize in Dotnet development platforms of ASP.Net, VB.Net, and C#.Net. We also offer COTS customization services and Microsoft enterprise integration services. We develop enterprise applications, web-based business management systems, e-commerce applications, and networking communities. We also provide reengineering for legacy applications and Azure based development services.

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