Radixians Tickled Pink at RxConfab 2017: Celebrated Our Access to Adolescence

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Well Begun is Half Done! The Drum Rolls began early in the day on 21st July at Radixweb- with the glitzy decorations and final touch up to performances by our Artist-Radixians! As the sun rose in the east on the day, it cast the most spirited rays on our offices and the mood was Hallelujah! The stage was set to enjoy our “Own Uniqueness” which we, as Radixians, bring to the company to make it a Whole.

An ideal day to reminiscence the happy days gone by and to hail the days to come, fun, food and frolic was flowing on the party floor. Ensuing a feeling of Birthday on our Work Anniversary- the “17” glowed well on our Cake and made us go “mmmmmm…” as we dipped into the fluffy coffee-chocolate cake.

Among the many surprises rolled out on the day- one of the most highly received was the announcement of upcoming Radix house- our own funky and plush new office that will go concrete soon. As the wonderful performances swooshed by- the claps and cheers got only louder. The hidden talents came out shouting loud on the stage- the introverts received standing ovations, the geeks turned comedians and managers became buddy to office life jokes. Here’s a glimpse of the “Nautankis” of the day:

Drama Collage

Grooving on the Stage:

Dance Collage

With Hoots, Cheers and Claps- the audience unleashed in full throttle.

Audience Collage

We at Radixweb acknowledged and patted the backs of shining achievers and thanked each and every one to be a part of this mega gala.

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Our favorite DJ in the house rolled some amazing foot-tapping numbers that hooked the dancers. While the hot and lip-smacking delicacies were being served, it seemed as if the nature also couldn’t control its feisty and poured in well making our party a lot dewy and fresh.

An event’s success is judged by how its attendees await its next edition- And I must say, our HR team did such a fab job that next year too will be a Sure-Shot Awaited Event of the Year.