MatchMe Memory Game for Mobile

The app stores are buzzing with a new memory game called MatchMe, Radix’s latest mobile app release.

The gaming application was released by Radixweb on February 3, 2012 in English and Spanish languages and is available on

MatchMe Memory Game

Like the name suggests it’s a memory game that tests a user’s visual memory. A user is required to memorize the location of different visuals in the image boxes and match them by opening the relevant box. The game entertains the users into two fundamental complexity levels. The Easy level has a 4×4 matrix and the Hard level has a 6×6 matrix.

MatchMe Memory GameRadix has also made this game competitive to sustain the interest levels of the users. The game has a scoreboard that displays the top ten players of the game. Score is maintained on the basis of number of taps and amount of time taken by players to complete a matrix.

MatchMe Memory GameThe game randomly loads images in the matrix for the users. This keeps the users thinking and makes it more challenging for them every single time to complete a matrix.

MatchMe game targets both iPhone and Android users. Revealing the strategic decision behind this, Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb comments, “Before developing the game, we conducted a market research that showed that memory games were extremely popular with both iPhone and Android. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to only one audience base. So we developed MatchMe in such a way that it is compatible with iPhone and Android platforms.”

MatchMe is yet another addition to the list of mobile apps developed by Radix. The other popular apps developed and released by Radix include Kites – Soaring High, PersonalSMS, and m-Commerce app for online print stores. We have also custom developed a variety of mobile apps for customers. Our domain expertise lies in developing:

  • Mobile BI apps
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  • Education apps

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