Good Times On Cloud

Oh God! You are up on the clouds and watching down on us?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the clouds? Probably a divine feeling! Guess the applications that will live in cloud servers may in some absurd future feel like Gods.

It is often frustrating to have something around as a buzz without you knowing for sure what it is and how it will impact your business needs. Cloud is one such thing. Today, cloud is being widely regarded as the next best method to optimally render internet systems. If you look up different websites that discuss cloud, you will find that cloud systems are described in more ways than one.

Simply put, a cloud is something that is already built using standard application deployment environments (Windows, Linux, Solaris etc). You can rent this infrastructure, place your application on it and run it. To do so your application might need some tweaking to be done. But these changes would depend on a variety of parameters.

Radix has built applications using Microsoft Azure as the base. So, why do we need to use cloud? Before we get there, let us understand the following:

a. Cloud is scalable. There will be a series of setups that will move in and out from firewalls to redundant servers and will support multiple tiers hosting for your applications.

b. Cloud can boost as well as reduce bandwidth.

c. Most of the above happens on real time basis.

d. As for security, it’s just as secure as an average dedicated server with a well known host service provider, perhaps even better

The main advantage of cloud is that you do not need to build things from ground up. So, good times ahead for cloud? Guess it’s a wait and watch from here on. But one thing is pretty evident – cloud is going to be a dominant computing system in the near future.