Colors of Life at Radix Holi Fest

Holi Celebration of Radix Team

It’s your life, it’s your one life, so don’t be shy get the rugged clothes, make yourself comfortable and play with colors and add colors to others life

Holi-Celebration-at-RadixIs Holi just a Holi? Well no it’s not just Holi when we play at office. Festive celebrations are always good idea to have a break from office routine and come out of those cubicles. We work hard we work as one team and when it comes to the festival we even party harder. At Radix, we believe having fun officially is merrier and boost the bonding amongst teammates. The color fest this year was absolute fun. Well, this year DJ wale Babu was Balam pichkari – yea don’t get confuse because Holi fever is on at Radix.

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Radixweb Hosts Yet Another Fun-Packed Company Picnic



We just had our annual company picnic this weekend and it was an absolute blast! It was at the beautiful Amusement Park and everyone had a fantastic time! A lot of enthusiasm and zeal all came to full execution from 6 o’clock in the morning when we gathered to kick off for the picnic. This time, it’s more than just fun. There were loads of thrilling adventures in a pipeline to enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Radixweb! We’re Gearing Up to Celebrate Successful 15 Years

Radixweb is achieving a big milestone in 2015 by celebrating glorious journey of 15 years. The organization founded in 2000 by handful people in a small room. We feel proud to declare that in 2015, the family is enlarged with 350+ people. Radixians are gearing up to celebrate official birthday of the company on 21 July, 2015.

Over the years, Radixweb helped businesses to grow rapidly using its quality IT software development. Our global clients honor us for reliable, consistent and proactive IT outsourcing service provider.

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Software Project Management Practices

Few days ago, I encountered with a client who was frustrated with his prior IT services provider and looking for reliable one. At the initial communication, his first concern was what is our standardize procedure for software project management. He asked what milestones we usually set and follow? How much we are efficient in the services we are offering to him? How is our communication channel? What our project planning involves? etc. These questions show his dissatisfaction of agile development methodology by his IT services providers.

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Emerging Trends in Embedded Systems

Embedded application development is an art as it offers synchronization of hardware components and software programming to perform the specific functions. By choosing and designing proper combination of hardware and software components to achieve high level speed and efficiency in the electronic products. In recent era, this binding is available in small to large scale industry domains. Embedded technology plays a major role in controlling huge machinery to daily used products. Infect, we can say embedded systems becomes integral part of today’ world.

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