Radixweb 16th Foundation Day Celebrations: Rxconfab2016 – Part I


Inseparable Memories

A heartthrob Corporate Evening RXconfab2016, where all the Radixians shows team spirit, dedication towards work and more even celebrated the 16th foundation day in an energetic way. Radixweb SUCCESS STORY depicts the 16 years of Shaping the Future Together. 21st July 2016 the day was finally all about celebrating the milestone of the company, our team’s success and recalling every moment that empowered us to do amazing things and our commitment towards Excellence and Innovation. ‘Taking an OATH TOGETHER’ and Radixweb to the next level.

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The Pitcher – Radixweb 16 years Journey

A story about spirit of a Company.
The Pitcher Image

Anyone can make a software or fulfill your IT outsourcing need, but Radixweb managed to be on the top list being one of the trusted IT partners globally, who help clients finding a balance among excellence, innovation and cost – making offshore outsourcing a success since 2000. We draw upon our heritage to continually reinvent the technology for emerging changes. It is immense feeling right now as we are just 48 hours away to celebrate our 16th anniversary.

Rendering state of the art in an addition to our excitement of 16th year in business, here we are presenting the story of a realm described in images. Everything right from “the skill set to team building” and “attending clients at its best to the future vision”.

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Radix Welcoming 2016 with Thrilling Cricket Tournament – RPL Season 4



A company where employees get freedom to express and execute their talents is obviously much more than a workplace. Radix is an organization that believes in motivating hidden talents of its employees. It can be either technology or sport or any.

For Radixians, “Radix is a Family”. Here, everyday we find the reason of celebration no matter it is Diwali or Christmas. And, I can say we didn’t miss out this opportunity by welcoming 2016 with a great level of motivation and appreciation. Radix recently hosted its 4th annual cricket tournament – RPL (Radix Premier Lague). This Holiday season, Radix STOOD OUT by appreciating shining stars.

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Diwali 2015: Radix Celebrates Festive of Lights in Style

radix wishes happy diwali 2015

There we have reached at the time of the year when festive mood is in full swing, gifts are ready to be exchanged and looking your best at the celebration parties is a must. Yes, you guessed it correct, I’m talking about the festive of light, Diwali. Calibrations at Radix are always remarkable. We celebrated Diwali with a bang on November 7. It was full of fun, frolic and fantastic food.

When it comes to celebrating any festive or occasions, our HR team go beyond the usual in an effort to bring the enthusiasm and joyous atmosphere at the office.
Nothing could have been better than having a theme of Indian traditional wear to create the festive mood on. The mentioning of theme itself brought a lot of happiness to welcome the festival of lights – Diwali in style.

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Application Trends

Have you ever wondered why the words such as Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 or for that reason, anything 2.0 are ever used?

If so, you are asking for a retrospective on how trends in the applications development, particularly oriented towards the web technology go, this simply happens on the basis of two criterions:

1.       Technology Paradigm Changes

2.       Improved business concepts, particularly aimed at evolving technology adoption mechanism

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