SaaS Governance

The end of April 2011 witnessed an interesting event. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service was struck by a large scale outage that lasted for 4 long days. While Amazon scampered around to deal with the worst outage in cloud’s history, the world watched on with fascinated horror. Nobody had ever thought that a cloud computing giant like Amazon would encounter an outage. But it did and it took down almost 70 sites with it including bigwigs like FourSquare, Reddit, Quora, parts of New York Times, and more.

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The Dos & The Don’ts of Project Management

We all, at some point of time in our life, would have seen a small note sticking up our refrigerator door. This protruding note is a subtle reminder of a menu or house rules or even a message. But the fact that it is left there hanging grants it maximum visibility. We follow this ‘note on the door’ method in our project management practice.

For us good project management does not only mean doing all the right things. It also means knowing what not to do and abstaining from doing it. We have these dos and don’ts of project management listed out for our project managers. We call this our project management manifesto.

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Cloudburst – The Rise of Hybrid Clouds

Until recently the world of IT was going gaga over public cloud computing. The IT guys were blindsided by the possibilities the public clouds offered. But in 2010, when some of the IT directors blew the whistle on security concerns of public clouds, the focus shifted to private clouds. And now we have something called ‘cloudburst’ staring right at us.

But what is a cloudburst? Cloudburst is a strategy wherein the enterprises when they run out of capacity on their internal cloud resources pass on the additional workload to the external resources. This ‘bursting’ of additional workload from internal to external resources is called cloudburst.

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Resurrection of IT

Heraclitus, the famous Greek philosopher, professed the doctrine that change is central to universe. His famous statement ‘nothing endures but change’ has witnessed many translations – the most popular being ‘change is the only constant’. The words of this wise man still hold true in contemporary times.

The modern-day business landscape portrays IT as the most dynamic component. Well this portrayal is true to a large extent.

For most enterprises their IT infrastructure depends on two critical factors:

(1) The technology available

(2) The business concepts applied

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Agile Development

How Agile Is Agile Development Really?

For quite some time now, I have heard IT guys rant and rave about how agile development has changed the landscape of software development. Now I was like, “Hmm, is it really true? Has agile development really delivered value to the enterprises? Has it really worked out the kinks of software development for them?” I know – very skeptical of me – but I had to find out.

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