Data Warehousing

A few years back, the industry thought leaders had put their heads together to deliberate on data generation and storage. But now, they talk about how to manage the collected data efficiently so as to make sense out of it.

It goes undisputed to say that data warehouses and data analytics have witnessed burgeoning growth within a short span of time. This growth has transformed us from an information craving generation to information overloaded populace.

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IT Governance

Emergence of IT

IT has come a long way and has outgrown itself from being just a facilitator of business. It is no more a mere data processing, automating and supporting activity for an enterprise. It has evolved into a business enabler.

Today, IT commands a strategic position in every enterprise, driving business value. IT has become a critical success factor integrated in an organization’s processes. It is capable of enabling new business models. So enormous has this business-IT integration become, that it has traversed human comprehension. This makes it all the more vital to govern IT.

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IT Portfolio Management

Recently, we have just had an epiphany that capital is scarce. We have learnt the hard way that capital needs to be smartly deployed and responsibly monitored. Now, we are privy to business executives and IT guys butting heads with each other. Business accuses IT of being unjustifiably lavish while IT regards business as stingy. But they both share the same goal – maximizing value.

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IT Services Management

It goes beyond saying that IT has become the DNA of every business process. IT has earned unrivaled importance.

But as they say there is no such thing as free lunch. Even popularity comes at a price. With rise in popularity, IT has also come under the scanner.

Enterprises that look to respond and adapt faster to external market pressures demand agility in their IT framework. Architectures that underpin this requirement are increasingly being viewed as the bad egg.

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Application Development

What is application? if you look up the dictionary, it would say something like “The act of using something for a purpose” ! Now, is that what it is?

Yes, in simple terms, Information Technology has only one purpose and that is to serve some purpose for any industry. Thus, application development using the Information Technology is by far one of the most interesting and wide area applications that modern day technologies has come upto provide. It is extra ordinary the way it has impacted both social and economic factors the world over. Our dependency on computing devices has reached beyond any single technological marvel and is always growing.

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