A take on Software Development Methods

Software development Methods…. there had and will be many different software development methods.

Well, that is neither a conclusion nor a statement… we just have used so many different types of software development methods, over a period of 10 years that we had to start looking at the source and identify, track down every change in event of management processes.

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Innovation Management

‘What’s the new thing’ – how many times do we hear this? On a daily basis, right? We are a generation that is constantly craving for something new in the markets. We change our preferences overnight and expect technologies to emerge out of nowhere to meet them. And have we been disappointed till date? Absolutely not! It seems like before we even conjure up what we want, we have it catered to us, courtesy constantly innovating enterprises.

Today enterprises are buzzing and pulsating with incessant innovations. The brutal competition requires these enterprises to be on their toes and keep innovating new products, technologies and concepts to dazzle the markets.

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How To Hire .Net Developers from India

You can find almost anything and anyone over the internet. The same holds true for developers. But finding good developers….. ugh that’s a pain in the neck.

Internet has bridged the vast distances in global business. Many companies have realized the benefits of hiring offshore developers to achieve business success. Hiring in-house employees is a tough task that adds to the burden of corporate administration, internal communications, compliance with legal rules, government liaison etc. Therefore, it’s prudent for companies to exploit the potential of an offshore dedicated team instead of having in-house developers.

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BI Applications in Cloud

Cloud Computing has been the star of 2010, garnering maximum spotlight and discussion. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, it has lived up to its hype till now. And now the thought leadership seems to have focused its attention on the next generation business intelligence (BI) applications and solutions harnessing the cloud platform.

Today, there is an increasing trend of companies showing interest in renting information rather than creating and owning it. Thus, we have service oriented architectures like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) driving BI strategies.

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Good Times On Cloud

Oh God! You are up on the clouds and watching down on us?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the clouds? Probably a divine feeling! Guess the applications that will live in cloud servers may in some absurd future feel like Gods.

It is often frustrating to have something around as a buzz without you knowing for sure what it is and how it will impact your business needs. Cloud is one such thing. Today, cloud is being widely regarded as the next best method to optimally render internet systems. If you look up different websites that discuss cloud, you will find that cloud systems are described in more ways than one.

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