Tips to Speed Up a WordPress Website

Do you have WordPress based website? Are you facing issues of website loading? Even if you are planning to develop a new website using WordPress, this blog will guide for reducing loading time of your website. By offering flexible and user friendly content management system, WordPress becomes more and more popular day by day.

Quick and consistent update in web content and blog is the unique quality of WordPress. It allows to insert updated themes and plugins. Having capacity of carrying attractive website design with heavy and lengthy web content, WordPress is one of the most desirable content management system (CMS) of enterprises.

To attract visitors, we continuously insert various features and functionalities in the website. This practice hurts user experience by increasing website loading time. More website loading time irritates visitors and they simply move to other websites. No matter whether the website has attractive designing, creative content presentation, SEO activities, effective user experience, etc. So ultimately, it’s your business loss.

We would like to share some guidelines to speed up WordPress website.

Theme Selection

The market offers ready to use themes for different technologies and frameworks. You will have several options having wide price range from cheap to premium. Rather than choosing readily available theme we suggest to go for custom WordPress theme development. All readily available themes have fixed features and functionalities. If you customize them it won’t be cost effective for your business. So develop bespoke website with your required precise development. Less stuff, quick loading.

Minimize Plugins

Insert numerous plugins to develop highly functional website. However, more functionality carries more coding and coding needs time to run. This takes extra time in loading web pages. With the insertion of needed plugins, you can speedup website loading. Remove inactive and extra plugins from website. Update them and use latest one as per your requirements. This makes the WordPress websites run quickly on different browsers.

Database Optimization

With the old database structure, one can not optimize performance of WordPress website. Improve database structure and size of your website to decrease the loading time of it. Optimized database makes queries run more quickly and effectively. To optimize database, one can either update it manually or logging into phpMyAdmin screen. The phpMyAdmin interface allows to select all database tables and repair as well as optimize them.

There are three popular plugins for database optimization.

WP-Optimize: To optimize database by reducing spams, drafts, tables, etc.

WP-DBManager: To schedule dates of database optimization

Revision Control: To set numbers of revision for each database post

You can also scan old database and delete them from the tables.

Reduce Image Size

Large sized image takes more time for loading in comparison to small one. So it is better to avoid uploading large images to decrease loading time. Use PNG and JPEG file format for images to display them with proper resolution. This will help in reducing loading time of website. By using Lazy Load plugin, images can not be loaded until they are clearly viewable to the visitors. It aids in saving loading time of longer web pages.

Insert Cache Plugin

Install cache plugin to improve loading capacity of website. It can cache all considered things including HTML, database, CSS, JS and other aspects. Use W3 Total Cache and W3 Super Cache to increase server performance, cache different aspects of website, reduce website loading, provide transparent content delivery network integration, etc. Both of these plugins can be usable without making any changes at WordPress website setting.

Reliable Hosting

Website hosting provider also plays an important role in speeding up website. Choose reliable shared hosting option that provides considerable and genuine traffic to the website. Before deciding hosting provider, check out some important criteria such as bandwidth, processor speed, number of database, PHP/MySQL database version, etc.

These tips help you in improving performance of WordPress website and making it run smoothly and rapidly. To view our WordPress development services, you can visit

Business Intelligence Application Development

To run business successfully, enterprises must have a powerful strategy that is based on availability of their resources. All the major decisions are made after analysis of various business data. There are different software for versatile data management. This includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human resource Management (HRM), Tally, etc.

Business Intelligence (BI) application brings all data of diverse software at the single platform and provides logical output from them. So, now with BI, it becomes easy to make quick and effective business decisions.

Let’s have brief understanding of business intelligence application and its importance in your business.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

As per Wikipedia “BI is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes.”

The above definition is technical one while in common man’s words we can say “Business Intelligence is a set of tools that help users to make intelligent decisions from their data.”

Simply, it is a system that offers organized data from unstructured one. BI undertakes various activities like gathering, storing, integrating and analyzing of database. Ultimately, it presents logical output of business information. The analysis helps in driving your business on right track with less possibilities of lose.

How BI Helps Your Business?

What makes the difference for a business proprietor? Obviously! It’s profit. Which affects the business earning? That is strategic decisions taken by entrepreneur. BI application development is a blessing to reach at accurate business outcomes with fewer risks. This aids in making right decisions at right time. The components that make BI app essential for business are:

Synergetic Report Generation

BI applications work as per predefined business logic. Thus, it connects various database of different software and generates interactive reports accordingly. You will have an organized outcome of data from integrated software such as CRM, Sales, HRM, ERP, Tally, etc. The application will create a synergetic report as per custom settings of database. Enjoy quick access to a lot business data from one place.

As the report contains analyzed data, it can address your versatile business purposes. Moreover, you are free to set time duration for report generation as per business needs.

Graphical Data Presentation

In comparison to text, graphical presentation of data is easier to understand and explain. BI application generates graphs at dashboard by picking appropriate data from different software. It displays report as per pre-defined business logic set by the enterprise. With BI application, you can have interactive and attractive graphical charts of different information.

Database Connection

BI application integrates various information of versatile database. This helps in creating transparency across all users. With database connection, you can analyze various data by utilizing advanced technology. There is automatic import of data into application and you will have a graphical presentation of analyzed information. And ultimately you can make effective business decisions by using collaborative BI applications.


You can integrate BI application in existing enterprise solutions, business portals, software, etc. So there is no need to spend for new web solution development. It can be developed with different IT technologies like PHP, Java, Ruby, C, etc. The applications are also compatible with almost all browsers and systems.

Ad-hoc Reports

It happens that business requirements of BI not match with technical development. In such situation, BI application allows user to generate ad-hoc reports to address a single and specific business needs. The non-technical user can build and distribute analyzed data of this report.

The application user can set report dashboard, visualization and analysis by themselves as per custom requisites. Ad-hoc reports of BI application have database source connection with security establishment and all data is visible to end users.

Foretelling Analytics

Application users can make predictions about their business. As per the prior defined business logic, BI application can represent logical outcome of gathered database. By using high-end algorithm, entrepreneur can analyze historical data. This will allow you to make prediction about future customer expectation, profitable product development, production analysis, sales improvement, strategic decision making, and much more. It combines all data of different software and displays graphical output at the dashboard of BI application.

Being a strategic planning process, BI application manages various business activities. The activities contain customer profiling, customer profitability, market research, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, inventory and distribution analysis and much more.

Radix & BI Application Development Service

At Radix, you can ask for bespoke BI application development as per your business specific requirements. Our custom-built apps offer various features and functionalities like decision support system, query and reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, data mining, etc. For the accurate and logical presentation of data, we offer integration of data charting engines.

Our BI application development procedure undertakes:

1. Requirement Gathering: Client’s business and technical requirement gathering via written or face to face communication.

2. Requirement Analysis: Requirement analysis to find out possible development scope.

3. Scope Identification:Identification of development scope and negotiation for development possibilities.

4. Technical Architecture & Design: Architecture and designing of application as per prior defined scope.

5. Technical Development: Application development as per decided specifications.

6. Application Testing: Once development architecture and designing of the application is finished, we test each BI application to make it bug free.

7. Application Deployment: Once the application is developed, we deploy it at the client server or handover the application to the client.

8. Maintenance & Administration: We offer maintenance and administration of BI application on client demand.

We offer consultancy for BI application development so feel free to come to us. Have a transparent, affordable, effective, customized and solution centric development of BI application with us.

Open Source Technologies & Enterprise Solutions

Are you using proprietary solution for your enterprise? Tired of its limitations? Looking for something more flexible and cost-effective? Consider a bundle of open source technologies that delivers numerous business benefits. The name itself suggests that coding of all open source technologies is available to everyone. This allows users to use, implement and move for further development with the same coding to build business centric solution.

Radix works with various open source technologies that include:

CMS Frameworks: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony

Code Frameworks: PHP

E-commerce Frameworks: Magento, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, X-Cart, osCommerce

We use source code of these technologies and configure it to develop a powerful enterprise solution for your business. Develop a robust content management system or an e-commerce solution with us that provide a smooth user-experience to your end-users.

Enterprise Solution Development with Open Source Technologies @ Radix

We have served many small and mid-sized enterprises by developing advance solutions based on open source technologies. Qualities that distinguish us from the others are:

Secured Solution

When something is open to public, question of security arise. We develop agile enterprise solutions free from all vulnerabilities. We use open source coding after reviewing, analyzing and testing its standards. Our participation at online open source communities keeps us updated with the latest security solutions.


Enterprise solution is a long term investment for every entrepreneur. So obviously stability and quality of the solution matters the most. Our open source professionals build bug-free solution by using observed, modified, developed and tested coding. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our team and we believe it comes only with quality development and services.


At Radix, you have flexibility to choose the open source programmers after interviewing them. Moreover, select your suitable hiring model from time and material hiring, fixed cost hiring and offshore dedicated hiring. You can move to one hiring model to another in-between the project as per your changing requisites.


Stability of functionalities brings reliability for solution. We develop and hand over a vulnerability free enterprise solution that has least possibilities of bugs, data loss, crash, etc. Our developers commit to fix any defect and deliver a robust solution that meets all standards of reliability. For development and deployment, we follow international standards. This is a value added vantage if you build an open source solution with Radix.

Custom Development

A standard solution can not be applicable to different businesses. Different industry domains have unique requirements. Share your business specific requirements with us for development of high-end bespoke solution. We can develop and install custom features and functionalities that offer maximum advantages to your business.


This is the most challenging part of IT industry. However, we feel proud to reveal that it is one of the strengths of Radix. Our support services start with the project requirements gathering through to project delivery. We provide solution training to the clients who are not techno savvy. You will receive enhanced and extensive technical support for enterprise solution from Radix.

Cost Effectiveness

There is no licensing fee as the source code is available at free of cost. We charge only for development. This will reduce your total costing. Enjoy business centric solution that creates positive effect on your ROI. Moreover, you can implement the features or functions as per your need so you can cut the cost by avoiding unnecessary overheads.

Use the suitable open source technologies for enterprise solution development. Run your business smoothly with user-friendly solutions developed by our skilled and experienced developers. Reduce your dependency on proprietary solution vendors by establishing your enterprise solution on open source.

Visit to know more about our open source development services. Feel free to share your queries and requirements with our professionals.

CRM Based Data Integration Application

It is quite difficult to store and manage customer data manually. As we all know “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, for the precise management of customer data IT industry has developed a model called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It allows users to accomplish various business processes of operation, collaboration and analytics.

Basic idea for CRM is to store and manage customer data for future business opportunities. Maintain contacts, clients, contracts, marketing activities, sales practices, etc. by using CRM. But it provides facility of data storage and management but not data integration. Radix has developed an application that integrates CRM data with third party software.

Simplified solution offering is the benchmark of Radix. Having the skillset of all technologies we develop and deliver highly scalable and dynamic business centric web solutions.

We have developed a DotNet based web application that offers integration between online accounting software and CRM database. This combination improves data accuracy with updated details. Before developing CRM based data integration application, our DotNet experts have analyzed challenges for building an application that is compatible with all MS Dynamics CRMs.

Business Challenges

• Building an application having integration between database and third party software
• Functionality extension of CRM with new design and development to simplify processes
• Integration of a third party accounting software that decreases the complexity of order management
• Applying data synchronization between CRM and accounting software for updation
• Creating immediate effect of each action in CRM as well as accounting software
• Deciding the activities performed by application to smoothen business processes

Radix Approach

Having extensive experience to work with DotNet technology, we can develop advanced web solutions by using various frameworks, content management systems, COTS customization, and enterprise services of DotNet. Generally, enterprises use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have decided to develop a DotNet based application to integrate the database.

After analyzing requirements, we started focusing and bifurcating scopes of project. To develop CRM based data integration application development, our developers have undergone the process that include

• Meeting with actual users of CRM from different business and industry domains
• Examined difficulties during updation and transformation of customer data
• Evaluated of processes those have to be included in the application between CRM and third party software
• Studied various third party accounting software to select the most suitable one
• Identified features and functionalities that have to be included to run processes smoothly from both the end
• Developed and integrated a secured and tested application for quick data updation at CRM

Solution Offering

Once analysis completed, our team of experienced DotNet developers has carried out the development and designing of application. This application reduces client’s costing for owing separate licenses of MS Dynamic CRM and QuickBooks accounting software for each CRM user. With CRM base data integration application multiple users can use same CRM solution across the enterprise. The application decreases user’s turn around time and simplify various business processes.

Have a look to various functionalities, features and benefits offered by the application developed by experienced programmers of Radix.


Functionalities that are integrated in CRM based application development include

QuickBooks Integration

It is accounting software integrated by us to manage online payment records of customers. Our application integrates CRM with QuickBooks and helps in managing customer payment details at both the ends.

Synchronization of CRM & QuickBooks

Our CRM based data integration application creates synchronization amid CRM and QuickBooks. For example: if customer has paid invoice amount the status will be updated at QuickBooks and CRM as well. Now there is no need for manual data upgradation from your accounting software to CRM.

Application Performance

The application has advanced development that performs three major actions. They are

• Automatic invoice creation by system
• Checking of invoice by CSR and sending it to customers
• Invoice posting at online QuickBooks

These functionalities decrease manual processes and save the time of CRM users.

Data Updation

When payment details are updated in QuickBooks it creates automatic effect at CRM. So CRM data is also updated along with the accounting software. User can view updated status of customer details.
Moreover, the application has payment gateway integration to make online payment possible.


With the application user can performs various activities that start from data consuming to CRM customization. Let’s have understanding of all of them.

Data Consuming: Application helps users to use CRM data into QuickBooks and vice versa.

Data Posting: Data posting is taken place once the invoices are generated automatically in CRM and posted in QuickBooks.

CRM Data Management: Like CRM user can also manage customer data by using CRM based data integration application.

CRM Customization: Our application is compatible with customize CRM too having highly complex functionalities.

Integration: The application provides direct integration of CRM and QuickBooks using Soap base web services. It also contains API integration of online QuickBooks.


• Reduce manual processes
• Streamline various business processes
• Improve accuracy of data
• Quick updation of data at CRM and QuickBooks
• Reduce license cost of QuickBooks and MS Dynamic CRM

Our CRM based data integration application can be used by all enterprises from different industry verticals.

For more details visit us at

Application Development by Radix Using Symfony2

Radixweb, an India based premier IT outsourcing service provider, has developed a ready to use application for the enterprises by using latest version of Symfony, i.e. Symfony2. Develop enterprise class custom web solutions by using various open source technologies. We focus more to serve giant corporates along with small and mid sized businesses.

Being an early adapter of technologies, we have developed an advanced and enhanced web application by using Symfony2. Our experts can build high end web solutions to simplify your business. With solution centric features and functionalities development, we help in increasing your online business.

Symfony2 Development Services by Radix

• Product Development
• Large Scale Solution Development
• Consulting for Custom Development
• Maintenance, Implementation & Migration

Develop effective and efficient business applications with advanced version of Symfony. We commit for faster and better development with extensive features and functionalities of Symfony2. Our highly experienced industry experts can develop and deliver Symfony2 based enterprise solutions that aid in filling business gaps.

Radix Symfony2 based Offerings Include

• Custom CRM Software
• Social Networking Website
• Intranet & Extranet Solution
• Complex Web Applications
• Inventory & Distribution Management Application etc.
• Insurance Solution

We have streamlined process for web solution development. It starts from requirements gathering, client communication for business understanding, scopes identification, designing, development, implementation, testing, installation, to project handover.

Benefits of Radix Symfony2 Web Solutions

• Reduced workflow
• Increased productivity
• Search engine friendly URL
• Cross-Platform interoperability
• Image manipulation library
• Flexible URL routing
• Database support
• Decreased development cost

With Radixweb, you can maintain Symfony2 based web solutions at highly affordable price. Enjoy latest upgrades of framework and have a web application with smooth user interface from our professionals. We provide guidance about user interface design, third party APIs, modules, etc. for web solutions. In addition, we offer constant and consistent technical as well as documentation support too.

Radix as a Business Consultant

Along with technical partner, Radix is your business consultant too. We have right blend of business and IT focus to build up web solutions that can synchronize several processes. We have highly experienced professionals to understand your business needs and deliver the solution accordingly. Our web solution development takes place after the analysis of client’s business, requirements, and development scopes. We commit for a Symfony2 based solution or application building that meets your specific business gaps.

Share your requirements with us for Symfony2 web solution development.