Emerging Trends in Embedded Systems

Embedded application development is an art as it offers synchronization of hardware components and software programming to perform the specific functions. By choosing and designing proper combination of hardware and software components to achieve high level speed and efficiency in the electronic products. In recent era, this binding is available in small to large scale industry domains. Embedded technology plays a major role in controlling huge machinery to daily used products. Infect, we can say embedded systems becomes integral part of today’ world.

As per Transparency Market Research report embedded system market was valued at $121 billion in 2011, which is expected to reach $194.27 billion by 2018. It shows growth at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2012 to 2018.

What is Embedded System?

Hardware components and software programing are used together to create an embedded system. It also required integration of additional technical and mechanical aspects to complete dedicated workflow. Embedded applications are applicable and demanded in different industry domains such as automobile, telecommunication, medical and health care, logistic, data proceeding, military, aerospace, etc.

Trends of Embedded Development

Stream of embedded development comes into existence to simplify business processing and fulfill specific objectives through the unique utilization of hardware mechanisms and software. Applying requirement based customization, we develop a system that performs precise and desired functions. Using cutting edge technologies and adopting latest tools, we build up robust devices that synchronize various processes of different business domains. The latest trends, Radix follows to form an embedded system are:

Multi-Core Processers
The multi-core processors allow to make a system that follows multiple instructions and performs several activities at a time. It helps in improving response time, empowering processing capabilities, reducing power consumption, diminishing operational cost and enhancing system reliability. Our engineers update old 8-bits to 32-bits applications with multi-core architecture. During upgradation of legacy system, we offer re-engineering of architecture, designing and programming along with testing and debugging.

Most of the embedded systems are stand-alone that means they work independently. To evolve robust solution, embedded devices require wireless connectivity using short range to long range Wireless protocols. At Radix, we apply short range protocols including Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, near field communication (NFC) etc. When it comes to long range protocols, we use wireless Local Area Network, WiMAX, long term evolution (LTE), cellular communications, and so on. Moreover, we utilize system-on-chip (SoC) architecture that reduces power consumption and build up robust system.

Open Source Technology
A traditional system is developed using proprietary hardware, software, communication protocols and existing applications. Today engineers have started to evolve an embedded system based on modern open source technologies. The coding of open source technologies are available at free of cost in the market. Employing free and licensed versions, Radix embedded engineers can develop advanced applications that involve extensible frameworks, system tools and runtime, deployment and software management. We excel in evolving bespoke applications to fulfill real time requirements of clientele.

Secured Development
As embedded systems are used in versatile industries, security is an essential aspect of this spectrum. A simple issue of mechanism or time can create a critical situation for human lives. Under embedded system development, we follow various security techniques such as embedded encryption, cryptography, trusted computing and authentication. Our embedded engineers offers various symmetric key algorithms such as Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC), etc.

Device Convergence
Embedded software involves several tools and technologies to develop and deploy enhanced features and functions into single device. All these aspects work effectively to perform a specific activity. In some case, there are requirements of single embedded device integration. A complex system development comprises multiple devices to perform different functions seamlessly. We plug and play with the functionalities as per project requirements to build up tailored embedded systems.

These days embedded development using robust multimedia aspects such as videos, graphics, animations, etc. All these aspects need greater bandwidth and high resolution. Radix engineers have developed and deployed innovative device that has rich user interface and international look and feel with multi language support. Our embedded system internationalization services comprise user interface limitations, script engine functionalities, font styling, language supported, etc. The internationalized development is applicable in PDAs, gaming applications, ticketing systems, music players, handy devices, ticketing solutions, and so on.

Smart Devices
This era is about machine to machine communication. Thus all the devices are developed applying wired and wireless mechanism. Such devices offer intelligent services by integrating hardware, software, supply chain, and many other tools at the highly affordable cost. These devices can be either perform independently or a part of larger system to meet specific requirements.

At Radix, our engineers follow a standardize procedure to build and deploy embedded devices or software that helps in streamlining various business procedures.

Enterprise Application Development @ Radix using MVC Architecture

Today, we come across so many new technologies and their advanced versions. All of them offer something much powerful that smoothen our daily processes. Gradually, IT services and products become an integral part of business. Every small to large sized organization requires various IT developments to satisfy their business needs. It can be a simple static website to large scale enterprise system that contains lots of high end components.

Having 13+ years industry experience, we have developed different enterprise systems for versatile industry domains. This cover story addresses giant corporates who have broad requirements for various enterprise system developments. At Radix, we build up cutting-edge applications using MVC Architecture that helps giant enterprises to manage their various business activities. By utilizing latest MVC offerings, we create stunning single page frontend web application with HTML5. And highly dynamic backend that manages numerous activities using the most recent technologies.

To create a boosted and customized application, we combine user friendly MVC architecture and HTML5 for attractive look and feel for user interface. Are you curious how to build up a multi purpose enterprise application using that smoothen your business processes?

Radix & MVC based Enterprise Application Development

Under latest MVC architecture based development, we utilize user interface development along with the functionally effective admin panel. Development of such applications is divided into two parts:

1) Application User Interface Development
2) Application Backend Development

Let’s give a look how Radix MVC experts utilize different technologies to develop and deliver solution centric enterprise applications to simplify various business processes. At the time of enterprise systems development, we utilize HTML5 for client side server and MVC components at web side server.

Basically entire application is based on three basic components of MVC architecture. HTML5 and other client server development fall under the roof of View for SPA. While Model and Controller stand for backend development of any enterprise system.

1) Application User Interface Development

User interface is a frontend of any application, solution or system where all end users interact. Using latest designing technology HTML5, we create amazing website for visitors with smooth navigation and quick scrolling. We build up Single Page Application (SPA) by combining HTML5 for catchy website creation and MVC for powerful backend to manage numerous features and functions for reliable and accurate output.

Single Page Application (SPA)
It is a single page website for visitors. We create SPA having single HTML page that dynamically updates particular page as user interacts with application. Rather than calling separate page for each inputs provided by end user, it calls different data at the same page. In addition, resolution of SPA is equal at both web as well as mobile platforms. It offers benefits of

Responsive: Allow to develop responsive website for different devices with same resolution
Reach: Enhanced customer reach due to easy access of SPA from different devices
Round Trip: Avoid round trips between client and server

Along with HTML5, we use various JavaScript technologies to develop functionally smooth enterprise system. The JavaScript technologies can be KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, AngularJS, etc. for SPA.

Radix offers appealing and conceptual website designing for SPA using latest HTML5. Our frontend of application facilitates with creative graphics, media content addition, batter page structure, better form management, several APIs to drag/drop elements, geo-location, client side database, offline application cache, etc. The HTML5 based frontend development delivers advantages of quick accessibility, video & audio support, cleaner code, smarter storage, better interaction, cross browser support, mobile based development, etc.

Twitter Bootstrap
This is an excellent frontend framework to develop faster, easier and less repetitive UI for enterprise application. Under Twitter Bootstrap development, we offer a fluid grid layout, responsive design, custom form elements, JavaScript interaction, cross browser compatibility, and much more.

We use JavaScript technologies for both frontend and backend as per technical requirement of development. For client side server, we provide standard functionalities like cookies, user authentication, data encryption/decryption, caching JSON data, etc. Other JavaScript technologies, we utilize:

AngularJS: To develop and run a dynamic and static SPA for large scale enterprise. We develop enriched browser based applications with Model-View-Controller by eliminating much coding, write through data binding and dependency injection. To define and manage client side application logic for validation and business processing we apply AngularJS.

2) Application Backend Development

When we talk about backend of enterprise applications, it contains functionality development that streamlines various business activities. To manage various functionalities, we use various technologies as mentioned below:

We develop enriched enterprise application using Asp.Net web API framework. It leverages various web standards for data format such as HTTP, JSON or XML. Moreover, it provides a simple way to build RESTful applications based on REST based data services using DotNet framework. It works with very similar concept of MVC having components such as routing, controller and controller action results. It allows to reach a broad range of clients including browsers and mobile devices.

This is an essential part of MVC structure. We develop a Model for enterprise system that manages application behavior and database in a logical structure to perform specific operations.

It’s another part of MVC structure. Our experienced developers build a cutting-edge controller receives end user requests and responds to them. Controller developed by us reads end user inputs or requests, processes the requests, gets data from Model accordingly, and displays information in a particular view to end users. It is considered as a link between Model and View.

Repository Pattern and Unit of Work Patterns
By applying repository pattern and unit of work pattern, we separate application data access layer from business logic layer. So MVC allows the application to insulate application from changes at data store. Moreover, our development facilitates an application with test driven development. We test all three application components separately to identify vulnerabilities and resolve them.

Entity Framework
We develop enterprise applications using the entity framework that is a set of ADO.NET technologies to build up data oriented solutions. Our experts use various model of entity framework such as conceptual model, storage model, mapping model, etc. These models improve productivity, maintainability and performance of web solution.

For MVC architecture based bespoke enterprise class application development contact Radixweb.

nopCommerce – A Powerful Platform for eCommerce Businesses

Due to lack of time, instead of visiting the mall I prefer online shopping. Last week, I wanted to purchase a smartphone. As per my regular practice, simply surfed some websites, selected the smartphone of my choice, and moved for payment. Oops! Payment was not done. I tried twice or trice. Finally, I was sick of it and switched to another website and purchased the smartphone.

This happens to many of your customers if you have a website with poor eCommerce solution. The market offers many technologies to develop a solution centric application to enjoy enhanced online business. One of the advanced and feature rich technology for eCommerce application development is nopCommerce.

Radix is an authorized nopCommerce partner for eCommerce development. This certificate allows us to develop advanced nopCommerce solution under the guidance and instructions from nopCommerce team. Due to the certification, we are early adopter of all the upcoming techniques of nopCommerce. Thus, we promise our clients for a business centric and enriched development based on nopCommerce.

nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce store having a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. It offers a fully customizable online store and shopping cart. We build up bespoke solution for small and mid sized enterprises to giant corporates. Our talent pool successfully develops and delivers the enterprise level projects.

nopCommerce Development @ Radix

Radix develops professional, reliable and attractive online shops at highly affordable rates. Being a certified partner, our developers are trained under nopCommerce training programs. In addition, we are early adopter of all latest updates released by nopCommerce. Develop an effective eCommerce solution with boosted shopping cart with us.

Under nopCommerce development, we carry out:

A standardize eCommerce design can not suit to all businesses. We design customize store to address specific requisites of diversified industry domains. Our creative and conceptual themes and templates attract attention of visitors. They will have a memorable user experience with professional and catchy eCommerce store. We use cutting-edge designing technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, XHTML, etc. for stunning design. We design responsive solutions too that enhances your customer reach.

Bespoke functionality development helps in simplifying business processes. Our team of dedicated developers follow a standardize procedure for nopCommerce solution building. It starts from requirement gathering and analysis, scope identification, development, testing, installation to maintenance. You will have a user friendly admin panel to manage your storefront, customers, coupons, discounts, etc. We can develop and integrate the shopping cart in your existing enterprise software too.

Module & Plugin Development
Using readily available modules and plugins, it’s quite challenging to run the business effectively. Develop enhanced modules and plugins with us for splendid eCommerce solution to empower your online business. With our dynamic modules, you can maximize ROI at minimum investment. We offer scalable and well tested modules that are compatible with different nopCommerce versions.

Building powerful plugins you can enjoy flexibility for online store management. Our professional plugins improve performance of business sales, user experience, features, functionalities, navigation, etc. You can utilize our plugins to upgrade eCommerce application quickly and easily.

Third Party Integrations
We integrate third party software with nopCommerce based solution. By synchronizing eCommerce store with CRM, ERP, supply chain management, SAP, inventory management and other applications, we streamline your business operations. Thus, achieve your business goals and deliver a sophisticated consumer experience to the clients by utilizing Radix third party integration services.

Payment Gateway
Our expertise falls for secure payment gateway integrations to develop robust nopCommerce application. We integrate all popular payment gateways at your eCommerce store like Authorize.Net, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc. Be relax, as we commit for secure, reliable and seamless money transaction.

Shipping Gateway
Under shipping gateway integration we support FedEx, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, USP and so on. It offers flexibility to configure the shipping gateway you want to make available to your customers and reconfigure another one as per your varying requisites. Admin can define shipping methods, total shipping order calculation, weight, etc.

Custom Application Development
Build up a lucrative eCommerce solution with tailored designing and development of module, plugin, features and functionalities. We serve branding based designs and enriched development having an administrative interface that includes catalog, customer, product management, and much more.

Moreover, Radix nopCommerce application development includes hosting, set-up, custom configuration, management, updating, linking with various open-source and licensed software, backup, restore, migration and many other services. We also integrate social media to promote your business across the world.

Installation & Maintenance
Once development is over, we focus on installation of nopCommerce based store. Before installing the eCommerce solution, it goes through a firm testing method and makes it bug free to work effortlessly. We offer maintenance service for clients to keep their application updated with latest version of the technology.

Radix offers steady and strong support services to clients for their technical queries. For non-techno savvy clients, we arrange training session to guide them about management of front and backend operations. Having partnership with nopCommerce, we can quickly resolve your technical concerns.

Benefits of nopCommerce Development by Radix:

• Easy to crawl by popular search engines
• Simple, efficient and comfortable business setup
• Cost reduction by streamlined order processing
• Flexible tax support and multilingual interface
• Highly secure, manageable and interactive online shops
• Quick synchronization of payment gateway and shipping gateway with eCommerce solution

Run the business effectively by earning immense profit using unified nopCommerce store developed by Radixweb.

E-commerce Solution Development using nopCommerce

Radix expertise falls for customized solution development for diversified industry domains using versatile technologies. Recently, we have developed an eCommerce solution for eLearning institutions utilizing nopCommerce, an open source eCommerce technology. It contains user friendly frontend for clients and simplified backend for admin user.

The solution contains fully customized shopping cart to set up an online store quickly and easily. Using shopping cart, any organization can start to sell physical and digital goods at internet platform. Apart of eLearning institutes, we can develop the same solution for other industry domains as per their specific business needs.

Using nopCommerce architecture, we have developed a highly dynamic application that allows for creating and managing the website quite easily.

Project Requirements

When client approached at Radix, he wanted to develop an eCommerce solution that helps his eLearning organization to sell their courses from internet. He desired to provide extreme flexibility to his learners by allowing them for online shopping. They can purchase catalogs and be a part of online training of their preferred courses. Let’s have a look into the brief of client’s business as well as technical requirement.

Business Requirements:
• Development of a robust eCommerce application to manage all the commercial activities of organization with catchy look and feel
• The new eCommerce solution and existing system Learning Management System (LMS) can work together that allow existing and new users to access any course, module, and eLibrary from the single platform only
• Build up a solution that accepts promotional discount codes into shopping cart
• Setup supporting search and filtering capabilities for courses, modules, topics, etc.
• Improved user/member online purchasing experience with an advanced eCommerce application building

After analyzing client’s requirements, we have identified application development scopes. Radix developers bifurcated technical requisites for solution development from client’s mentioned business requisites.

Technical Requirements:
• To develop a solution using nopCommerce and integrate it with existing Learning Management System (LMS) of eLearning organizations
• To provide single sign on functionality for AMS third party user management system and nopCommerce solution
• Integration of a third party LMS for catalogue courses & users data synchronization
• To set up discount prices for the members of organization
• Quick, reliable and secure online payment procedure

Solution Development by Radix

Being a certified partner of nopCommerce, our experts are trained under its training programs. We utilize all latest trends and technologies of nopCommerce to deliver an enhanced solution that meets client’s expectations. Under the project development, our nopCommerce experts carry out designing, development, implementation, testing and installation of solution.

After the brief analysis of project requirements, we have focused on solution development. We have built cutting-edge features and functionalities to smoothen and sharpen application performance. The solution development includes:

• Custom eCommerce application development having integration of LMS for data synchronization
• eCommerce system work-flow designing for integration of different modules with third party software
• Detailed study of LMS and AMS third party software and identified their utilization in system
• Development of nopCommerce architecture having integration of third party software
• Development of fully customized and secure shopping cart to buy individual courses, course packages and library from front store of eLearning organization
• Highly secured and tested solution with quick eLearning catalogs browsing
• Quick synchronization between frontend and backend at the minimum solution run time
• Discounted price offering to the registered members of organization

3rd Party Software Integration

Apart of above described developments, we have integrated two major third party applications to develop a boosted solution using nopCommerce.

AMS is a user management third party software. It is integrated with eCommerce solution developed by Radix nopCommerce developers.

Single-Sign-On: It is an authentication function to improve security of solution and avoid hacking risks. It allows user to access the multiple applications by using one user name and password.
Direct Registration for AMS Users: Members of the eLearning organization are already registered with the system. New users are directly registered once he/she login into the solution.

Learning Management System (LMS) contains eLearning catalogue courses. It is synchronized with nopCommerce architecture and AMS to perform online purchasing and sync user data respectively.


To develop a solution centric and enriched solution, we have developed some advanced features to deliver seamless experience to frontend user and admin users.

Front Store User
• List of categories & sub categories with brief product details
• User login, Profile Management and User Registration
• Social Networking and Email to Friend
• Shopping Cart and Mini Shopping Cart with Add to Cart support
• Blogs, Forums, News Support and News Letters Subscription
• Shipping options – by ground, by air and in-Store pickup
• Payment through PayPal Standard and Direct Support
• Multilingual and multicurrency support with search and advanced search

Admin User
Our development allows admin users to manage various business activities from the backend. It includes management of dashboard, catalogs, sales, customer, promotional and content. Moreover, we insert various configurations of the solution too. Our configurations facilitate with system settings, countries, languages, currencies, and Email accounts, Tax, Shipping and Payment Gateways.

Solution Benefits

• Seamless browsing experience to site visitors for quick browse of various catalogs of different categories
• Coherent synchronization nopCommerce solution with LMS & AMS third party software to manage users, their orders and payment details
• Highly secure payment with fully customized shopping cart
• Authentic login of solution using Single-Sign-On to avoid various illegal activities

Radix developers provide complete training of admin panel including all the advanced configurations through client demonstration. In addition you will enjoy the advantage of 1 month free support for technical issues.

To know more about our nopCommerce competencies visit us at http://www.dot-net-developer.net/hire-nopcommerce-developers.html.

Responsive Application Development

Are you running your business using desktop based application? Is it performing well to empower online presence of your organization? In this dynamic era, to engage a large customer base desktop application is not enough. Today organizations are looking for responsive application development to make bucks from robust online presence.

It is hard to believe if an application owner is not aware about the term “Responsive”. It is a sizzling and latest trend in application development sphere. Responsive application development is popular due to automatic resolution resizing of an application at various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Basically, it allows for one time coding to make an application visible at all device platforms.

Radix & Responsive Application Development

At Radix, we have a talent pool of designers and developers to create responsive application. We offer business apps with stunning look and feel using advanced features and functionalities. Our development is based on cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. By utilizing these technologies, we offer an elegant and appealing application with user-friendly functions.

Our services include responsive application designing too. We have a team of professionals who look after designing aspects of an application. They design attractive store front for visitors and easily manageable backend for admin. With us, you will have an application with conceptual presentation of logo, graphics, images, content, navigation, typography, call-for-action and so on.

The benefits of responsive application development delivered by Radix are:

Customer Enhancement
With increasing usage of smartphones, responsive application becomes essential in compare to desktop or laptop apps. In near future, it will be started to consider the basic requirement for powerful online presence. We develop responsive applications that can be accessible by every user having different devices. By offering device vise sharp resolution, we aid in engaging prospective customers and delivering them your brand message.

Sales Improvement
We develop solution centric application under responsive technique with consistent look and feel for all devices. Uniformity of design and development across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones improves brand value of your business. Unified development approach generates positive effect on customers. It improves reliability and credibility of business too. Such authenticity insists customer to purchase product/service(s) from your application. Ultimately, it increases the sales.

Cost and Time Saving
Eliminate the cost and time of separate application development for different devices as responsive methodology allows to develop single coding for each of it. With standardize development methodologies, we help you in removing overhead cost of support and maintenance of device specific applications. In addition, admin user enjoys benefit of less time for application updation as he/she has to update only one platform rather than updating them individually.

Brand Credibility
Radix experts provide standardize responsive application development with advanced features and functionalities across all devices to establish a powerful branding of your business. Brand makes business immortal in the mind of customers. Brand stability insists clients to put trust in you and make them believe that they are at right place.

Optimized Visibility at Search Engines
Responsive configuration is good for creating smartphone optimized websites. It is recommenced by Google. Under responsive development services, we offer single application having same content for all devices. It is required one time SEO for content to optimize application ranking at search engines. Customers can browse application from any device, it increases web traffic and ultimately improves application visibility at varied search engines.

Seamless User Experience
This is also one of the most considerable advantages of responsive application. It is quite tough to deliver seamless user experience at versatile devices that have different sizes and resolutions. Highly smoothen user experience supports customer’s decisions making process. We commit for amazing UI and UX to stick your visitors at application for long time. You can convert them into potential clients or members. Our development includes bootstrap to deliver quick navigation that allows customers to move around various pages of application at every device.

Radix Responsive Application Development @ Projects

Today responsive application development is basic need for any organization. Thus, Radix offers a feature rich responsive application with stunning designing. Our responsive applications are compatible on different devices. Our experts create effective coding to make the application runs smoothly across all the popular browsers.

In responsive application development, we use flexible layouts and images in the projects with media queries. Using these features, we develop applications that are easily resizable as per the resolution of different devices. It can be easily accessible by any user having desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone device.

Develop an interactive application with rich feature and functionalities. It helps in achieving your business goals. At Radix, we have developed responsive applications for diversified industry domains. Make a profitable decision of business expansion by switching to responsive application development.